“Your course has given me my life back.”

I had been a Carer for my adult son with complex schizophrenia for the past 6 years and he recently went to longer term rehab/mental health facility. Prior to his illness I was fit and healthy (well mainly) but at the end of those 6 years, I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day, and drinking a bottle of wine a night. I quit cigarettes and alcohol in Sept 2018 and your course came along end of December.

I know how fragile life can be, how tragic mental illness can be and how hard it was to be a 24/7 carer after giving up my career as a solicitor. I literally went bankrupt, emotionally and physically, by losing my son so frquently...he would get on airplanes when psychotic and end up in lots of locations around Australia, and I would have to drop everything to search for him. Anyway I was spent.

Your course has given me my life back...and I dont mean that lightly. You were the right people with the right information at the right time. I am so grateful that you allowed me to partake, even though I could not afford the fees. I have adopted all your good habits and actually feel like I have a bright shiney future. Im reading lots about the gut, and am absolutely convinced that your simple but effective program (if followed) gives the best chance to my body and brain to function at its ultimate.

I feel it, I know it, and Im never returning to having gluten, sugar, emulsifiers or preservatives again.

I have, 300% more energy, my blue eyes are brighter again, Ive slowly lost 5kg, my depression has lifted, I am able to suceed in what I choose to undertake in a day.

Funny...Ive written quite a bit, but I still dont know quite how to get it across to you just how I feel. Id always grown my own veg, and read labels, but I also ate cake chocolate, tinned stuff and sugary stuff. I no longer need to do that.

As a result of your good habits, and me adopting them, I have had the energy to adopt other good habits that Id think about in the past whilst eating chocolate or drinking wine. Like, theres no gladwrap or foil now in my house , Ive made beeswax wraps instead, theres no chemical cleaners or cosmetics, I take ionic silica to hopefully reduce the aluminium thats no doubt in my brain. I started a new job, I pack lunch everyday, I am mentally in a much better position to support my son. I make kombucha, I make yoghurt (sheeps and coconut), I laugh a lot. I am relaxed.

Please accept my gratitude, and love for your course and what a difference you have made to my life....well I had to do the work, but you know what I mean.

Much love to you guys.

Gina Munday - My Good Habits Member