Success Stories

The My Good Habits community have experienced some amazing results. See why our members are loving the program.


“Learning to eat healthy and live healthy was a choice I had to make to support the healing my body encountered”

–Rachel Rose

In March 2018 Charlie did a remote group healing I participated in. The muscles in my neck were what I focused. I had thoracic outlet syndrome since June 2002. I had surgery in Sept 2007.

I was told I would never be able to do push-ups again. I used to be able to one-arm push ups. I used to practice them everyday because I wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force. My injury altered those ambitions.

However, This is me now at age 34. And it is due to Charlie. The muscles in my neck changed. They no longer are like a rock wall! Even my chiropractor feels the difference. He has seen me consistently since 2008.

Thank you Charlie. Learning to eat healthy and live healthy was a choice I had to make to support the healing my body encountered; especially after years of having lost hope. <3 Thank you Charlie.

 The video is of me now. It's been almost a year since I've needed anyone to elbow my neck ! LOL :) Charlie saved my life. I think about it everyday. I am incredibly thankful to Charlie. 

“I’m doing good, really enjoying learning so much from all the lessons”

–Cathy Kaufman

I'm doing good, really enjoying learning so much from all the lessons. I realised I had more grief baggage than I realised! Feeling more relaxed and mellow! I know you asked us to make a video, I’m a selfie video shy. I need to exhibit more self control in avoiding all gluten. I’m astounded how much it affects my allergies! 

I want to thank you Charlie for helping me regain my sense of smell, my life has become brighter. After the healing Sat (In California) I also regained some feeling back in my right hand. I have pinched ulcer nerve in my right arm which causes numbness in my right hand. Thanks Charlie for caring so much about all of us and making our lives so much better.

Much love to you,

“Thank you for this uplifting program. It has really touched me very deeply”

Ursula Goadhouse

I wholeheartedly recommend Charlie’s My Good Habits program. For me, it has lead me deeper into my truth and my being healthier and happier. Isn’t that everything?

“MGH exceeded my expectations in every way”

–carol geiler

I am so thankful I took the leap and invested in Charlie’s My Good Habits program. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been researching proper ways of eating for years and yet I always seemed to fail. With two autoimmune disorders, CFS, joint pain, sores that would never heal, poor sleep, restless leg syndrome, and early onset menopause at age 30, my immune and hormonal system have been severely compromised for over a decade. Nothing has helped – until now!

While the MGH program offers a great amount of knowledge regarding food and proper eating, I believe the biggest impact for me was the emotional and energetic healing that came from the program – something I was not expecting.

When I signed up, I was deeply worried that I had invested in another program that was going to “under-deliver,” but MGH exceeded my expectations in every way. I finally feel like I have control over my physical challenges rather than they having control over me.

“The My Good Habits program is the very best ‘getting healthy’ program I have ever been on”

–Nancy Skrobis

The My Good Habits program was the very best "getting healthy" program I have ever been on. Results are enormous.

Happily lost 15 pounds without feeling deprived. Expect more will come off. Was losing hair by the handful previously and that has stopped. Normal amt. of hair loss now. Back hurt too badly to move much and after the program can get up out of a chair much easier and walking is better.

Stopped taking 8 Ibuprofen a day and now take no pain killers. The results of being on the program have far exceeded my expectations!

“Your course has given me my life back”

–Gina Munday

I had been a Carer for my adult son with complex schizophrenia for the past 6 years and he recently went to longer term rehab/mental health facility. Prior to his illness I was fit and healthy (well mainly) but at the end of those 6 years, I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day, and drinking a bottle of wine a night. I quit cigarettes and alcohol in Sept 2018 and your course came along end of December…

“I think this is something really special”

–Gail Elverd

“My life has greatly improved”

Terri Roekter

Since following Charlie’s My Good Habits course my health and my life has greatly improved! I lost 5lbs and also lost 3 inches off my waist! I feel less bloated after eating and enjoy cooking healthy meals, rather than thinking of cooking as just another chore.

I have so much energy that I started taking tap dance classes for seniors and love it so much I go five times a week. Before Charlie, I was so tired and depressed I couldn’t get off the couch!

But the greatest surprise I got from his program was learning how to just be with my pain, both physical and emotional, rather than try to ignore or suppress my difficult emotions and health issues. He showed us step by step how to be kind to ourselves. Now rather than feeling anxious all the time I am optimistic about the future because I know I can face any uncomfortable situations that may arise, because I am not afraid to look within.

I’m forever grateful for Charlie!!!

“I can now breathe”

–Lily Wagner

Weight loss: I am down 22 pounds!

I can breathe - before I could barely walk 20 feet before I was huffing and puffing for air.


“My energy levels are improving and my outlook on life has vastly improved”

–Maureen Addy

I feel so grateful for being able to participate in the MGH program. I have made many changes to my diet and am back to reading labels again.

I no longer buy nut milk, I make my own. The weather In the U.K. hasn’t lent itself to eating salads but fresh and where possible organic vegetables with coconut oil and hemp protein powder makes a very warm and nutritious meal. My energy levels are improving and my outlook on life has vastly improved.

Thank you Charlie you are amazing. 

“Friends and family cannot believe the changes to my diet”

–Steve Longworth

I have been searching for answers for a long time, so when this course came along I dived in 100%. Friends and family cannot believe the changes to my diet - from day 1 I stopped soft drinks, beers, wine, gluten, and junk food.

My ego is having challenges accepting this, but I learnt this simple thing from Charlie - honour the thoughts and feelings. It hasn't always worked as I have allowed the ego to play its story, and allowed the victim to enter.

Life is a journey and I will continue honouring and accepting it as well as meditating and doing energy work.

“We couldn’t recommend this course highly enough”

–Dianne and Wayne Farrar

Wayne signed up for My Good Habits to help with his Parkinson's Disease and I was very lucky to be able to be by his side 'learning' along with him. The whole month has been so incredibly informative from the food through to the energy sessions, including meditations…

“These foundational lifestyle changes have contributed significantly to improvement in pain from a chronic nerve injury, my mood, energy and overall well-being”

– Adrienne Penderell

Even as a Western Medicine trained physician, I have always been open to complementary healing methods, but I was not prepared for just how life-changing 30 days of clean eating, meditation, moving my body, belonging to supportive community, and the healing energy sessions from Charlie (an unexpected and exciting bonus) could be.

Not only these aspects, but learning to move energy in my own body, and allowing my emotions to be deeply felt, have been totally life changing. These foundational lifestyle changes have contributed significantly to improvement in pain from a chronic nerve injury, my mood, energy and overall well-being. This is the future of health care, and I am SO excited to continue in the program for my own and my family’s continued healing, and also am newly inspired to pursue training in Functional Medicine as a result!

“Through the guidance, teaching and community that I found with MGH, all the pieces of the puzzle finally came into place”

–Marchel Shipman-Mueller

For the first time in my life I am meditating regularly. I've been wanting to do this for years. For various reasons, I've not done it. I think through the guidance, teaching and community that I found with MGH, all the pieces of the puzzle finally came into place. I'm even meditating with my university age son on a regular basis. I'm so thankful.

Additionally, my whole family has benefitted from the lessons learned about emotional healing and physical healing. My husband, kids and of course myself personally have been able to clear our lives emotionally and physically as things have come up and it's such a freeing thing, and also remarkable in its practical ease. Through your teaching, Charlie, my husband has discovered that he actually a remarkable healer. Been married to the man for 26 years. Who knew?  Finally, I'd really like to thank you for being so accessible in this process.

In the past, when I've followed teachings or a protocol it's been nearly impossible to connect with the person teaching everything. Being able to contact you all has been invaluable.

“The journey with My Good Habits has been life changing”

– Annie Laerkesen

This journey with My Good Habits has been life changing. I joined the group at the beginning of the year with little expectation of such vast improvement. I’ve been blessed with a life of good health. I’m 51. I’ve had chronic endometriosis for the last couple of years though and was just assuming I would probably end up having a hysterectomy after trying many herbal remedies and procedures and spiritual quests to relive the pain. Three days after changing my diet my pain subsided from the endometriosis and has not returned. It is now six weeks later and I’m pain free. I’m swimming a kilometre a day now and meditating and the emotional healing techniques have allowed me to feel more present. 

I highly recommend this course to anyone and to know that it is so easy to do. The mind thinks that it is complicated and we can never manage it. Eating healthily is so much more easy and stress free than eating processed foods that we are not naturally meant to eat. The team have been extraordinarily helpful and responsive. 

Charlie has been beyond with his incredible healing powers and the meditation is wonderful. The course is designed so that we empower ourselves by creating good habits. the team have guided us through these habits and I feel very happy to say this is my new lifestyle. I never thought that I would be able to commit so strongly and so easily to something like this.