September Intensive

30 days of good habits that can change your life With Kelly Slater
and Charlie Goldsmith

Sunday 1st September – Monday 30th September
(Sydney, Australia time)

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The September Intensive will be run by Charlie joined by 11-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater. The theme is about the good habits that both Charlie and Kelly live by to achieve their peak performance whether it be in their careers, pursuits/hobbies or in their personal lives.

Access live and pre-recorded segments with Charlie and Kelly, as well as live talks from our team of MGH experts, plus Energy Movement sessions with Charlie, guided meditation sessions, yoga classes, recipes & more.


Please email for more information on the live schedule.

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Please note: This will be the last Intensive with Charlie for the remainder of the year. Purchasing the September Intensive will provide access to the ‘Intensive’ module within our online portal only and not the Core Program. Access to the module will be valid for 60 days from the Intensive start date.