Signing up & Access

How much does it cost?

The program costs $60USD per month on a subscription basis. There is also the option of quarterly option at a reduced price.

Am I locked in to a contract?

No, you can cancel at any time through your account or through Paypal. As it is a subscription service, you will lose access to the program at the end of the paid month.

What if I can’t afford that?

Charlie doesn’t want anyone to miss out because they can’t afford it. You can apply for a discount request for the foundation program. 

How long do I have access for?

You will have access until the end of the month that you have paid for

How do I access my program?

You will receive a link upon enrolment. You can access via desktop or mobile device

How is the content delivered?

The majority of the content is delivered through videos, that you can easily watch on your device.

Can I download the videos to my personal device?

No, they are available to view within the platform only.

How much time do I need to complete the program?

The program is designed to work through at your own pace

Do I need to have Facebook?

There is a closed Facebook Group that hosts all of the LIVE sessions. If you do not have Facebook, you can watch them in the platform afterwards, but they will not be live.

What if I have a question about the program?

You can email the Support Team at support@mygoodhabits.com 

Live Sessions

Are there live sessions?

Yes. These will be live sessions with Charlie, and various practitioners

How do I know when they are?

You will receive notification through both Facebook and by email.

What if I can’t make them?

They will be uploaded into the platform for you to catch up on

What time will they be?

They will be at various times, to cater to the different time zones


Is it a set eating plan?

No, Charlie sets eating guidelines and recipes to empower you to create your own meals

Will I get a shopping list each month?

No, the recipes will be shared and you will be encouraged to cook the ones that appeal to you.

What is the eating belief?

A diet consisting of fresh, unprocessed foods – organic where possible and affordable.

Do you have gluten free, vegetarian/vegan options?


What if I have intolerances to the recommended foods?

We encourage you to adapt to your requirements 


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