“We couldn’t recommend this course highly enough.” 

Wayne signed up for My Good Habits to help with his Parkinson's Disease and I was very lucky to be able to be by his side 'learning' along with him. The whole month has been so incredibly informative from the food through to the energy sessions, including meditations.

I had not meditated for nearly 30 years due to a bad 'cult' experience and was surprised how easy and how incredibly enjoyable I found meditation to be again. Although we had been eating fairly cleanly, we realized there was room for improvement. We have cut wheat and gluten from our diets, have a drink on the weekend, and have recommenced exercising. We used to have 2-3 glasses of wine a night, and for me it was about ‘needing’ the wine to make me sleep, which I have since found out, due My Good Habits, was just a story!! I now enjoy a wine as opposed to ‘needing’ it.

Wayne is feeling a real calmness which is amazing because he's always been a real 'stress head' who would stress even when there is nothing to stress about. Just the other day he told me he was feeling 8 out of 10. This is HUGE for him to recognize this because previously he always focused on how bad he was feeling and could never seem to recognize or voice that he was feeling better.

Also, another thing for Wayne is that he appears to becoming clearer in the mind and is coming up with really great resolutions for things going on around us, whereas before, this was not happening. For me, it has helped with my Ross River virus symptoms of joint pain and tiredness. The energy movements can stop it in its tracks which is amazing. We are still meditating twice a day. We both have more energy, and we noticed that from the first energy session. The very next day we were up and about cleaning the house from top to bottom, washing windows and generally doing so much more than we had been able/motivated to do. I have also noticed that my tinnitus has reduced by almost two-thirds!

The love and support that comes from Charlie, Jeremy and Mandy is second to none and then there is the support of all the members on the MGH Facebook.

This is an amazingly supportive group which shares recipes, ideas, and general love and support on this journey that we are all undertaking. We couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. It has been a life changer.

Dianne and Wayne Farrar - My Good Habits Members